Endangered Animals List

By Irina Bright.

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Animal endangerment is a big environmental issue, and the number of endangered animals is constantly on the rise.

See the IUCN definitions of different types of animal endangerment here. Below is a list of some of the most popular endangered animals, according to the IUCN classification.

Critically Endangered Animals

  • Sumatran Orangutan (Indonesia)
  • Sumatran Tiger (Indonesia)
  • Lear’s Macaw (Brazil)
  • Brown Spider Monkey (Colombia, Venezuela)
  • Rancho Grande Harlequin Frog (Venezuela)
  • Panamanian Golden Frog (Panama)
  • Pygmy Three-toed Sloth (Panama)
  • Yellow-crested Cockatoo (Indonesia)
  • Golden-bellied Capuchin (Brazil)
  • Elegant Frog (Australia)
  • Orinoco Crocodile (Colombia, Venezuela)
  • Mountain Gorilla (Rwanda, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo)
  • Golden Mantella (Madagascar)
  • Eastern Red Colobus (Kenya)
  • Javan Rhinoceros (Indonesia, Vietnam)

Endangered Animals

  • Bonobo (Democratic Republic of Congo)
  • Bornean Orangutan (Indonesia, Malaysia)
  • Common Chimpanzee (Eastern and Central Africa)
  • Golden Poison Frog (Colombia)
  • Hyacinth Macaw (South America)
  • Great Green Macaw (Central America)
  • Maned Three-toed Sloth (Brazil)
  • Diana Monkey (West Africa)
  • Indian Wild Dog (Dhole) (South Asia)
  • Aye-Aye (Madagascar)
  • Indian Elephant (India and South East Asia)
  • Golden Lion Tamarin (Brazil)
  • Red Slender Loris (Sri Lanka)
  • Proboscis Monkey (Indonesia)
  • Javan Langur (Indonesia)
  • Diademed Sifaka (Madagascar)
  • Mahogany Glider (Australia)
  • Giant Otter (South America)
  • Bengal Tiger (South East Asia)
  • Mountain Tapir and Baird’s Tapir (South America)

Vulnerable Animals

Near Threatened Animals

  • Jaguar (Central and South America)
  • Harpy Eagle (Central and South America)

Endangered Animals Pictures

Hyacinth Macaw. Original Painting by: Edward Lear (1812 - 1888). Provided by: UWDC

hyacinth macaw, edward lear

Bengal Tiger. © Kerala Tourism

indian tiger, kerala

Written by:     Irina Bright
Original publication date:     2009
Republication date:     2020