About Us

irina bright, rosslyn chapelBy Irina Bright.

Divinity in Action is a fairly new business, which I set up at the end of 2020.

For about 11 years - from 2007 till 2018 - I owned a couple of websites, one of them being Tropical-Rainforest-Animals.com. I wrote 100+ articles for both websites, on the topics ranging from rainforests to tropical animals to pollution to global warming to green investment to health and raw foods! All of the articles contained my personal original research, with plenty of academic references.

After I took these websites down, all of this wonderful information was sitting somewhere in the depths of my laptop - totally unused ... and unloved ....

Then I had an epiphany. Some higher universal powers guided me to start this new website - divinity-in-action.com - and upload all of this wonderful research here.

So, here we are. Sprinkled all over this website, you will see a dove icon - presented in a multitude of different colours.

This dove - - is a symbol of the Holy Spirit that Jesus Christ sent to Earth after he himself had left this physical realm. The dove is a symbol of Love and Peace. So, I present this website to you in the name of these Universal Values.

I genuinely hope you will find this humble website interesting, useful and - I dare hope - inspiring.

All my research that I present here is totally free to use. If you would like to publish my articles in full on your own websites and / or printed materials, feel free to do it! I will be totally and absolutely honoured.

You don't need an explicit permission from me to do it. Let your imagination soar!

My only request is that you attribute my articles and link them back to this website. Here is my suggested format for such quotations / citations:

Bright, Irina (2020). Tropical Rainforests. In Divinity-In-Action.com/articles. Original publication date: 2007. Retrieved November 11, 2020 from https://divinity-in-action.com/articles/environment/tropical-rainforests.html

But you can use any form of citation that is most suitable for your own purposes :).

If you are a student and simply want to quote / cite my articles in your study projects, rather than publish them in full - the format for such quotations / citations is the same as above. Unless you want to change it - feel free to use any format that is best suitable for your own projects.

Thank you ever so much for your visit!

Remember to drop us a line if you ever feel like it. You can contact us here.

God Bless You. Amen.