Health Benefits of Incan Berries, or Goldenberries

By Irina Bright.

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incan berries Incan Berries, or Goldenberries.

Incan berries (Physalis peruviana), as their name implies, are native to Peru and South America.

In fact, there are also lots of other names they are known by: Cape gooseberries, golden berries, Aztec berries, Peruvian cherries, giant ground cherries, and Aguaymanto berries.

As compared to other berries, Incan berries appear to be one of the more exotic ones. Raw Physalis berries are regularly available in supermarkets, and now even more consumers have easy access to dried Incan berries as well.

Incan berries are quite sweet in taste, and therefore can make an excellent ingredient in confectionary, and simply as a popular snack.

They are also full of great nutrition and may help with re-gaining higher energy levels. (Ref. 1)

Written by:     Irina Bright
Original publication date:     2013
Republication date:     2020


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