Rainforest Pictures

Collection Hand-Picked by Irina Bright.

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Rainforest pictures are telling us a real story - a story about the nature's beauty which sometimes goes unnoticed in our fast-paced world.

Tropical rainforests are "the lungs of the Earth". If they suffer in some way or another, the whole planet suffers as well. Rainforests have seen too much destruction in most recent years & decades. Human production & consumption are literally killing them. Fortunately for us, many of the forests are still alive and well. And it is our fundamental task to protect them from further destruction. We can't describe the beauty of the forests in words - it should be experienced visually. Please enjoy the natural splendour of our planet's rainforests below :).

We would like to thank the following photographers for contributing these pictures:

Cajetan Barretto, based in India; Rene Ehrhardt, based in England; Tian Yake, based in Malaysia; Richrad Franco, based in France; Eric Molina, based in USA; Storm Crypt, based in Philippines; Sober George, based in USA; Ard Hesselink, based in the Netherlands; Michael Fontenot, based in USA; Christoph Diewald, based in Brazil; Luke and Kate Bosman, based in the UK; Dennis Jarvis, based in Canada; Geoff Gallice, based in USA; Nico Crisafulli, based in USA; Tatiana Gerus, based in Australia; Kerala Tourism; Lexe L; Cristóbal Alvarado Minic; Fluf Fisch, based in Germany; Seretide; Lubasi; Daniel Julie, based in France; Paul Keller, based in Germany; Thienzie Yung, based in Borneo; Talisen; Antoine Hubert, based in France.

These photographers have exclusive copyright over their rainforest pictures featured on this page.

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