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I have spent a large portion of the last two decades conducting meticulous academic research on numerous topics related to global environment and human health.

Currently, there are 60+ articles on this website covering a great number of issues associated with these topics. Most of these articles were originally published on my old website -, which was online between 2007 and 2018.

I have now republished them here, in:

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I know how challenging it can be for high school and college students to cope with an overload of information - especially with those challenging new concepts which aren't always easy to digest!

I also appreciate that teachers have an enormous task of not only presenting new study material to students as succinctly as possible - but also making sure that they pass their exams with flying colours.

I have always tried my best to present my research here as simply as possible. You, and God, be the judge of it.

If you are a High School or a College or a University - anywhere in the world - and would like to use some of my articles in your classes or republish them in any kind of teaching materials, please feel free to do so.

All my articles are absolutely free to use - online and / or offline. I would only feel absolutely honoured if you decided to do so.

You don't need my explicit permission to do so. Anything you want - you got it. Truly so, let your imagination soar!

My only request is that you attribute my articles and link them back to this website. Here is my suggested format for such quotations / citations:

Bright, Irina (2020). Tropical Rainforests. In Original publication date: 2007. Retrieved November 11, 2020 from

But you can use any form of citation that is most suitable for your own purposes.

Feel free to contact us at our email address below:

Especially if you want to discuss any specific issues related to the use of my articles.

Thanking you ever so much for your visit.

God Bless Us All.


Irina Bright.
~ November 2020